Sunday, October 30, 2016

The A

Dear Emmerson.

It is 2016, 175 years, 17.5 decades after you wrote your poem "Self-Reliance" and we are still reading it. First off I have to start off by saying that you really did it with this poem, you changed the game. Not only by starting your paragraph with "Ne te quaesiveris extra" which back then was a big deal because there was a format to starting paragraphs but you also discussed what so many people think about but is never discussed. You mention avoiding foolish consistency. This is big in 2016 because our education is depened on a system of grading and doing work not a system on particularly focusing on learning.. You say that we should be able to make decisions with information not used from a living education. I couldn't agree more. You talk about the youth which is big for the youth in 2016 because we are mostly judged by the label "teen"and rarely when that is used it is for a good reason. You believe that anyone can be geniuses including teens and alothough that definitely isn't a popular statement in today's time it has been proven in history that teens could be geniuses.(Alexander the Great ". I have to say that I love your logic and state of mind. I am curious to know what made you wake up one day and just write about this? What was your motivation to do this? Maybe if you weren't dead we can talk about it.

Jesus Williams

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