Friday, April 28, 2017

April 28 journal topic

I am doing well in everything right now I feel good about my work and what we've learned and talked about. I probably need to improve on getting more people to see my blog. I've been pretty committed to giving my best work in this class I don't like to half ass in this class I take it serious. If I was reading the grade it'd be a A+.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Digital divide

The gulf between those who have ready access to the internet and computers and those who do not.

April 27 journal topic

Would human morals be different if dollars,euros,pesos,money didn't exist?

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 26 journal topic

During today's course I learned that there are really not a lot of teachers that make us present on our own interest and questions. I think this plays a big part in students lives because we're used to the educational structure that doesn't let us be creative or open minded to subjects that interest us. If you're reading this Dr.preston thank you!An example of ethos is how Niceforo was talking about how he felt miserable with out his phone or internet on it. Technology is a big part of this era or generation that we are in.

Ignite talk

My big question is why does Religion divide us when it's supposed to unite us? Religion is a touchy subject in a social environment obviously because everyone has their beliefs and arguments get started over religion even wars. One of the things I did over break was research a few different religions and since their so different I categorized them. What I learned was that mainly religions are made for peace but in some religions we would be killed for believing in what we believe. For example The Quaran has over 109 verses about going to war with non believers. And in the Bible it states that if you come across a non believer then you shouldn't greet them look at them pretty much pretend their not there. A connection I see is that Emerson himself talked about God. He says that we were individually and distinctly made with the hand of God. What I'm going to do next is not categorize myself into one religion but be open minded to others and have a fellowship with Jesus.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Idea #2

I did research and categorized a few religions and found similarities in them. Christians and Catholics were the most similar obviously because they both believe in God and Jesus but still have their differences and are technically considered 2 different religions.

Idea #1

I used my sister Josie and my friend Hannah to discuss the differences in their religions Christianity and Catholicism.